Academic courses at the Institute of Physiology include a preclinical education in Physiology in the form of lectures, seminars in small groups, as well as practical courses. Extensive, optional colloquia focusing on the basics of brain function challenge students on current aspects of brain research. Specialized courses serve to instruct students in academic procedures employing modern methods for basic research. Additionally, the Institute of Physiology takes an active part in teaching within the specialized degree program Neurobiology/Neuroscience.

Teaching Management

Teaching Responsibility: Prof. Dr. Volkmar Leßmann
Contact: Sieglinde Staak
Office: 203
Phone: 6715887
Office Hours: during the semester - Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30 am - 10:30 Uhr am
In urgent cases, appointments outside of office hours can be arranged by phone.

Educational Events

Scientific Colloquia

  1. Lectures, seminars, practical course in physiology
  2. Laboratory courses (Developmental Physiology, Systems Physiology, Cell Physiology) only with prior arrangements
  3. Demonstrated exercises: electrophysiology of brain function in vitro
  4. Introduction to scientific methodology
  5. Cellular neurophysiology (lecture, basic and advanced courses)
  6. Systems physiology and physiology of the senses (lecture, basic and advanced courses)
  7. Microscopic imaging (lecture, basic and advanced courses)

Academic Courses - Physiology for Medical Students (2nd year)

All information for student courses can be found within the e-learning portal MOODLE-FME.
Access to MOODLE is only possible with a personal central university account.


Academic Courses - Working Materials (2nd year)

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